Welcome to Recantos

This rural tourism is located in the village of Goães, Amares municipality, in the heart of Minho region and 20 km from the Peneda-Geres National Park.

The banks of the river Cávado can be found in a 20-minute walk among houses and pine forests. In the neighbourhood you can visit the monasteries of Abadia, Santa Maria de Bouro, S. Bento da Porta Aberta and Rendufe. Recantos na Portela are close to Caldelas (and its spa), Vila Verde, Povoa de Varzim and Vieira do Minho.

The nearest towns are Braga, Guimaraes and Porto, with its airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

In this resort you will find a space where you can enjoy the surrounding landscape, combining rest, tranquility and comfort with adventure, discovery and history of the region. Recantos na Portela are part of the Portela’s Farm, which has a land area of 62.000 m2 where you can walk, do family picnics and discover the citrus trees that characterize this region of Minho. The bucolic elements such as mills, streams, a large granary and a threshing floor can be revisited.

The houses retains its original character which refers to the nineteenth century. Portela’s Farm is distinguished by being planted with some of the best specimens of citrus fruit (among other types of traditional cultures), having already achieved several distinctions as the prize of "best orange in Amares".

The landscape which hosts the Farm retains several old trees, especially large and majestic olive trees. All this involvement is especially careful in environmental terms, as being its fruit crops, certified in organic production mode.